LGV Theory Test UK

Pass your theory test the easy way

Study with the best LGV theory test app.

It’s highly effective.

This super-intuitive app learns about you and monitors your progress. It makes sure you don’t miss a question until you know them all.

Now available on iOS and Android.


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  • All the subjects and questions you need to learn are here

    Study one or multiple topics at once. In Practice Mode, you can choose between using our intelligent algorithm which adapts as you progress, or select the types of questions you’d like to see, such as the questions you’ve yet to answer.

    The app remembers everything you’ve done and adapts as you progress.

  • As close to the real test you can get in an app

    Find out if you’re ready for the test by taking the Mock Test. It has a timer and 50 questions just like the real test. The questions change every time you take the test. A chart records your progress so you can see when you’re ready for the rest.

  • Let the app’s intelligent algorithm be your coach

    The Personal Trainer will randomly select questions from all the topics, adapting as you progress. It has a dynamic percentage chart as a visual to let you know how many questions you’re answering correctly. You’ll be presented with the questions you need to learn the most until you reach 100%.

  • Put any difficult-to-remember questions in one section

    We all have certain questions that are ‘blind spots’. Tap the flag symbol on questions you find difficult to remember to put them all in one place. This is an extremely useful section to check out just before the test.